2A5X1 Airlift and Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance 

The 2A5X1 Airlift Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance Specialist career field is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields in the Air Force. It requires highly skilled technicians to maintain and repair some of the most advanced aircraft in the world, including the C-130 Hercules, the C-17 Globemaster III, and the C-40. In this article, …

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Air Force Dream Sheet: How to Update

Active duty service members have wanted to influence where they get stationed since the beginning of the modern United States Military. In the United States Air Force, we have a “dream sheet” or a list of preferred military bases that is taken into consideration when the Air Force Personnel Center gives out assignments.  It is …

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2023 Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment

air force running 1.5 mile

Physical fitness is a critical component of military life, and it is essential to the success of their mission. The United States Air Force has physical fitness standards that all Airmen must meet to ensure they are prepared for any situation they may face. The Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) measures an individual’s physical …

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Pros and Cons of Being Stationed Overseas: Military Perspective

military homecoming overseas

Being stationed overseas as a military service members can be a unique and rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. On one hand, it offers the opportunity to serve your country, see the world, and expand your horizons. On the other hand, it can bring homesickness, culture shock, and professional difficulties. Some military members …

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